Aunard de la Rocha Shares Tips on Giving Your Company a Character

If you’re a business leader, you’ll be busy ensuring that all is running smoothly. A high-quality product and a friendly, efficient service are probably your priorities. But there’s another key requirement for your business, too — character. A company with a unique image or feel will stand out and get noticed, and if it’s tuned precisely to its target consumers, it’ll work a treat, so don’t overlook this essential ingredient. Character gives a business an aura of warmth and accessibility — a human touch, if you like — which people will naturally respond to and recall. What’s more, the effect tends to result in repeat purchases and long-term loyalty on the customer’s part. Here are some character types to consider for your business:


Get some color and humor into your business image. Consider a new set of colors for your logo, labels, packaging or furnishings, as relevant. Could your products themselves be more fun? It might be worth going back to the drawing board for a re-think. Another approach is to concoct a witty, lip-curling slogan, or an amusing advert with a catchy refrain. Everyone welcomes a splash of fun and laughter in their day.


If you wish to highlight the novelty of your product, a quirky, off-beat image could help. If you’re reaching out to the young, or to artistic, sophisticated circles, you’ll want something a little out of the ordinary to tempt them with. It could be an element of your product’s design, or the way you present it, or just a new and unusual name. Perhaps combine one quirky innovation with another, for extra effect.


People love to be reassured, and your line of business could be ideal for providing that reassurance. Present a calm, serene air that will draw browsers, and extend that special element through every aspect of your company. Make your customers feel good about themselves and life in general, from arrival to departure, so they’ll feel tempted to return again. There are all sorts of ways to provide that reassurance, from your own manner and dress, meeting customers in person, to the look and feel of your product, as well as calming adverts and beautiful logos. A smooth, efficient, caring service will also add in.


If you’re hoping to attract the young and active, offer them something exciting. Tempt them with a glittering, new product to set them dreaming. Make it the talk of the media channels — the buzzword on everyone’s lips, with its neat, new approach. If your business is already up and running, you may not need to change it that much. One clever tweak can make a world of difference in the marketplace, especially if you shout out the news, loud and clear.


Not everyone welcomes the new and different. Some people crave the past and will pay good money to get it back, so if you’re selling something traditional, don’t be afraid to say so. Style your presentation accordingly, perhaps even dressing for the part yourself — why not? Don’t be afraid to stretch your imagination as far as it will go. Make your business uniquely true to the past, and it will stand out from the crowd in its quietly charming way.

Whatever else you do with your business, make sure to give it a character.

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